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  The real Transsiberian

Start your journey in Moscow, where we have a choice of hotels depending on your budget. Your train tickets will be delivered to your hotel. During your stay in Moscow you can explore this ever changing metropolis and enjoy Russian cuisine in the vast number of restaurants and cafés located in the city.

Transiberian trip from Moscow to Vladivostok takes seven days. The train is comfortable and clean, and is a very interesting way to travel.We suggest having a stop over after three days in Irkutsk. This old city is situated near the Baikal lake, biggest freshwater lake in the world. Here you can choose to relax by the shore, dip your toes in the famous lake or try the local fish delicacies. Nature lovers will be in awe of the fantastic scenery that this area offers.

From Irkutsk the journey to Vladivostok takes three more days. During your travel you will see pictoresque nature as the real Siberia unfolds it´s beauty.

Vladivostok lies at the furthest end of Russia, a port city with many visitors, such as U.S, French or Norwegian sailors. This mixed crowd contributes to an international atmosphere and high standards in both service and cuisine.

Due to it´s position, Vladivostok leaves you with many options on continuing your journey. Whether you want to go to Korea, China or Japan, all these countries are just around the corner!





Experience a world like no other, with culture, history and food that will leave you yearning for more! The Japanese people will go out of their way to make you feel welcome in their beautiful country.
From Vladivostok, take the ferry “Rus” over to Fushiki port. Although not a luxury cruiseline, you will get to experience a genuine Russian atmosphere.

Fifteen minutes drive from Fushiki (train or taxi) lies the charming little town Takaoka. Here we suggest staying at a traditional japanese inn (Ryokan) to plunge into Japanese life and get a taste of true hospitality from the friendly owner, Mr Yasushi Shioda . Each japanese style room has tatami flooring, typical japanese details and surprisingly, air conditioning. There is even a room with floor to ceiling windows facing your own little garden and goldfish pond. Ten metres from the Daibutsu Ryokan you will find Great Buddha, one of the three biggest Buddha statues in Japan. Walk around this peaceful town, with its temples, handicrafts and authentic Japanese living.

Depending on how much time you can spend in Japan, there are many alternatives after Takaoka. We do however recommend visiting at least Kyoto (three hours fast train from Takaoka) for it´s magnificent temples, Nijo Castle and Geisha districts, and for a feeling of “old” Japan. From Kyoto you can take the Shinkansen (bullet train) which brings you to Tokyo in two hours. This breathtaking city must be experienced to be believed! Take a stroll on fashionable Ginza, or admire quirky Harajuku and Shinjuku or stop for a bite to eat in a traditional izikaya (Japanese pub) among japanese students and workers in Shimbashi area. This could be the end of your trip, or a stop before venturing further into Japan, depending on your time, budget and interests.

Price examples:

  • Ferry Rus: from $ 250 sharing 4-bed cabin (36 hours trip all meals incl.)
  • Daibutsu Ryokan from 9000 Yen for twin room (approx $ 75)
  • Kyoto: ANA hotel 4 star from $ 170 twin room
  • Tokyo: Wide range of hotels depending on your budget. From capsule hotels to breathtaking 5 star Conrad hotel in Ginza area.